Adopt a Coffee Tree + Cascara Tea (Coffee Cherry Tea)

Adopt a Coffee Tree +

Cascara Tea  (2 bags, 8 oz each)

+ Photo of Your Adopted Tree  (Digital Photo)

+ Certificate of Tree Adoption (Digital Certificate)

Cascara tea is a sweet, tangy, fruity tea made from the coffee cherries.


What is Cascara ?   (Coffee Cherry Tea)

"... a new, exotic drink on the scene: cascara, also known as coffee cherry tea." 

--- By Fresh Cup Magazine     (

"Coffee cherry tea may be a new drink for the United States, but it has been popular in other areas of the world for some time. According to the post “Buena Vista (Cascara) Tea” by coffee supplier Melbourne Coffee Merchants, “Coffee farmers in Yemen and Ethiopia have in fact been drying and brewing cherry like this for centuries—possibly since before coffee seeds were first used to make a drink.” Melbourne Coffee Merchants go on to say, “In these countries the dried cherry is often steeped along with spices such as ginger, nutmeg or cinnamon to make a fragrant drink known as hashara in Ethiopia or qisher in Yemen.” The drink is still popular in these countries today and is actually consumed more often than coffee in Yemen, as it is less expensive."  

By Fresh Cup Magazine       (

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