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What The Coffee Experts Have to Say About Apasionado Coffee

"This model allows them to provide farmers with better wages and customers with a better coffee experience. Their beans have received high cupping scores, and it’s certainly true that there’s a thirst for insight into origin."

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Coffee Review SCORE: 92

Location: Coroico, Bolivia.    Origin: La Paz Department, Western Bolivia.    Roast: Medium-Light

Est. Price: See review note   Review Date: February 2015   Agtron: 57/74

Aroma: 9   Acidity: 8    Body: 8   Flavor: 9    Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment:

Deeply pungent, original, complex. Pecan, pomegranate, melon, lily-like flowers in aroma and cup. Rich, balanced acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. The fruit notes in particular carry into a long, cleanly resonant finish. - Ken Davids



Gustu Restaurant,  Top 50 Restaurants in Latin America 


"Just to arrive to the Las Tacanas farm is a beautiful, windy trip from the snow-covered peaks of the Andes Mountains to its lush, subtropical valleys. The farm is located right outside the bustling jungle town of Coroico and perched at 1700 meters of altitude. I absolutely enjoyed trekking through the farm, seeing the different coffee varieties, red cataui, typica, both shade and sun grown.  The tour ends perfectly at a shady mango tree overlooking the entire valley with the sweetest breeze.

Las Tacanas however is not just looks. Its coffee has a lovely bright cup with a delicate body and notes of vanilla and chamomile. This quality is ensured on the farm with an attentive harvest and fully washed processed that that does not contaminate local rivers. We are happy to currently be brewing Las Tacanas in Gustu. We bring out its sweet acidity and light notes in the Chemex method and complement it with a lemon curded filled butter cookie dusted fresh chamomile petals."

--Elizabeth Abel, Gustu Head Barista, Restaurant Gustu, La Paz, Bolivia                                                       @AbelElizabethA


What Our Volunteers Think About Their Experience Visiting Our Coffee Farm 

"I know I don't technically count as a volunteer since I am one of the co-founders, but I still worked hard while on the farm, and had an amazing time! Please read all about it."
--Emily Lilo, Co-Founder Apasionado Coffee







"I buried my face in gloved hands and cried. It was in that moment that I realized how difficult it is to make each cup of coffee happen, no matter where in the world it comes from. These fleeting moments of experiencing life as someone else does, so foreign from my own experiences have led me to appreciate where I come from and the daily luxuries afforded to me that are easily overlooked."


--Kayci Weaver, Writer, Traveler, Food Lover (San Francisco, California)                   @seedbarkroot

Coffee Farming in Coroico, Boliva

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 What Our Members Think About Apasionado Coffee

This photo is a testament that adopting a coffee tree in Bolivia from Apasionado Coffee is the best Father's Day Gift! Check out our Dad drinking a fresh cup of Apasionado Coffee in his Bolivian Embassy Coffee Mug.
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 --Sara Duncan Fredericks for Jim Duncan, Tree #174



















"I had the best cup of coffee in my life this morning thanks to Apasionado Coffee. Here's my friend and colleague Emily Lilo with a picture of the coffee tree I purchased on her family's coffee farm in Bolivia. I purchased the tree to help support their efforts to provide sustainable coffee growing with fair wages for employees, and an alternative to participating in illegal coca production. But seriously - the coffee is amazing! Read more about what makes it so delicious here: Thanks Las Tacanas Finca, really glad to be a small part of what you do!"
-- Leona Woelk, Tree # 178





 "As a food scholar, I am fascinated buy those Epiphany moments in life when you taste the real thing. I bought myself a Kcup coffee machine last year and exposed myself to what I thought was the best coffee I had ever experienced.I had spent the better part of a year exploring Peet's coffee and Bob Marley coffee and all the other brands. I was completely content with taking my coffee experience to the next level, what I thought was the ultimate level. Well my first bag of Apasionado Coffee arrived, and my life has changed. I can't really explain it, but it's sort of like eating an heirloom tomato for the first time. I got this feeling , "Oh, that's what coffee is supposed to taste like!" Apasionado Coffee has a sweetness and depth of flavor that I was completely ignorant of. I ask you all to try it, but be prepared, no other coffee will ever satisfy you again. It is a genuinely blissful experience!"
--Stephen Griego, UNM, winner of coffee drawing


“Well Father’s Day was just around the corner, and my kids and I thought, what a great gift! He loves coffee, so let’s get him something special. Adopting a tree lets us do good and have something special to share as a family.”


--Glenda describing the tree she and her sons adopted for Jose
   Tree # 101, New Mexic