Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for your interest in adopting a tree from Apasionado Coffee.  

Please see the list below to answer any most of your questions.  

If you do not find the answer below, please contact us at


About Your Membership

1)  When will I get my coffee? 

Answer: If you adopted a tree, then you will get your 1 bag 2-4 weeks after adoption. If you purchased a bag of coffee once a member, it will also arrive within 2-4 weeks after purchase.

2)  Where do I get my printable certificate for my adoption? 

Answer:  Click here: Adoption Certificate

3)  I heard that you also send certificates as well ?

Answer:  We are no longer shipping certificates.  We heard from our members that it was not a green solution.  We agreed.  There is a certificate available for your to print immediately.  And, we still email the digital certificate to you!  If you like, feel free to print it out and frame it for yourself or as a gift!

4)  It says I can come for up to 5 nights.  Is this available to anyone who lives outside of Bolivia?

Answer:   Yes. This offer is for available for those whom adopt trees and also live outside of Bolivia.  We invite you to come visit the farm and take photos with your adopted tree.  You must contact us several months in advance of your visit, as some blackout dates and restrictions apply.  There are different options for people who live locally.  There are no regular tours, but contact us at and we'll try to accommodate any group of 10 or more.  We are an active, small family run coffee farm so we do not have regular scheduled tours.


Coffee Questions

1) Why is your coffee more direct trade than others?

Answer: Our coffee literally comes from the farm to your door. We have eliminated all of the middle-men, and get the coffee straight to you. This allows us to keep more of the money in the country of origin, benefiting people in Bolivia, and allowing us to offer you this amazingly high quality coffee for less than it would cost in a retail environment.

2) Why is your coffee roasted so light?

Answer: The optimum roast for this coffee is very light. Coffee is cupped to maximize flavor, and our coffee tastes best at a lighter roast so that all of the subtle notes can come out. When roasted this light, all of the floral and fruit notes come through!

3) Why does this coffee taste so different than anything else I have tasted?

Answer: Coffee of this high quality requires a lot of tender, love and care. We expect the highest level of quality control and attention to detail at every stage. Everything from the soil to the roast matters, and focus on all of it. To learn more, check out this blog post with more details. 


Purchasing a Membership as a Gift

1)  I purchased a membership as a gift.  What does that mean?

Answer:  Once a tree has been adopted for someone they have access to then purchase as much coffee as they want. They have the tree for life.

2) Why do you ask for an email address?

We use the email addresses of the adoptees to keep them informed with updates, but we only send things out once a month or once a quarter. We do not send anything via email initially to the people who have adopted in case it is a surprise. So, if you want to let people know that you have adopted a tree for them, please send them an email with a copy of our printable certificate.


Refund Policy 

1)   I never got my coffee, what do I do now? Do I get a refund?

Answer:  If you didn't get your coffee within 4 weeks, please contact us so that we can follow up!  If for some reason you no longer want to be a member, let us know.

2)   I placed an order and I want to cancel it. How do I do that? 

Answer: There are no cancellations allowed on the first adoption. This is a perishable item that needs to be shipped from Bolivia.


Shipping & Receiving

1)  Do you ship all over the world?   UK? Asia? Australia? Europe? Middle East? Africa? South America?

Answer:  Yes.  We ship all over the world. USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, & South America.  If you have any questions, please contact us at    

2)  Why is the shipping cost $9.90?- THIS HAS BEEN COVERED FOR A LIMITED TIME.

Answer:  The coffee is shipped directly to your door from the county of Bolivia.  It is a landlocked country in South America, which means the coffee is shipped by air all over the world.   

3)  How long will it take for the coffee to arrive ?

Answer:  Please allow 2-4 weeks for your coffee to arrive.  Depending on the season, there are several factors that determine how fast the coffee is picked, roasted, packaged, & shipped.     


 Didn't see the answer to your question above ?  Please contact us at