Why Adopt ?

The Reasons To Adopt A Tree:


  1. Receive members-only, high-end, single-origin, specialty Bolivian micro-lot coffee from your tree to your door.

  2. Request custom roasted coffee to your tastes and brewing preferences

  3. If you want to adopt a grove of trees, you can even have a private label on the coffee bags that come from your grove.

  4. For every tree you adopt, we will plant a second one to help reforest precious land that is being clear-cut for coca production to make cocaine.

  5. We pay our farm hands high wages that compete with the coca growers in Bolivia, providing steady work and a viable alternative to cocaine production to improve the lives of families and communities.  

  6. We are also partnering with the Melting Pot Foundation of Bolivia and the Gustu Restaurant, sister restaurant to Noma, to provide opportunities to underserved youth to gain experience in the high-end culinary industry.


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