Our Story

Apasionado Coffee is a family business. Our goal is to create an international coffee community that would provide economic, social, and ecological support to the finca Las Tacanas, it environs, employees, and partners, through the adoption of individual trees and annual memberships. In return, members of the Apasionado club who own trees on our farm will have exclusive access to exquisite coffee, as well as get an insider look to how micro-lot specialty coffee is grown and be a part of a larger cause. This creates a new model for producer-consumer relationship that is REAL direct trade, so join us to embrace the experience from your tree to your cup.

Yehuda Lilo, a former geologist and entrepreneur with previous experience both in Bolivia, and in the coffee business, spearheads the effort. He worked hard with a group of coffee enthusiasts in Bolivia to start a special coffee farm or finca, Las Tacanas, where the coffee trees that you can adopt are located. Visit Life on the Finca for more information.

Once the coffee plants reached maturity, the question arose of how best to sell it. Having worked in the coffee business for many years, Yehuda was somewhat disillusioned by all of the coffee buzz, where people believed that they were getting the coffee straight from the producers, when in reality very few retail coffee outlets can actually provide this social and Environment Responsibility. He had a vision to create a company where the coffee from his group’s finca could go from their hands to their consumer’s cups, with no one in the middle, creating an international coffee community. He knew that this would be better for the coffee growers, and better for the customer, who were now directly connected to their coffee, as it comes directly from a customer’s tree to their home.

Yehuda enlisted the help of his nephew, Anthony Kobler, and his daughter, Emily Lilo to partner with him and make this vision a reality through Apasionado Coffee.

Emily Lilo is a health communication specialist by trade, whose work focuses on social, cultural, and structural determinants of health, and she is currently seeking a PhD in Health Communication at the University of New Mexico. However, she is also a coffee expert, having worked in the coffee business for many years while in school and afterwards. She grew up in Bolivia, which gave her a passion for coffee, public health, and community engagement. She is dedicated to ensuring that the efforts of Apasionado Coffee not only provide amazing coffee, but also improve the health and environment for the people in the local community near the farm and also through the environmental conservation efforts provide lasting ecological gain for the health of all of us. See our The Cause Page for more information.


Anthony Arden Kobler, a sales and marketing professional, has lived or traveled to over 50 countries and all 7 continents.  While traveling nearly a year across South America, he spent weeks in Bolivia learning about coffee and working at the Finca Las Tacanas. He is passionate about travel, and about connecting people with unique experiences to venture out and explore the world. His hope with Apasionado Coffee is that each one of our customers will personally have the opportunity to go to the cloud forest of Bolivia where Las Tacanas sits and visit their tree, and volunteer on the finca.  Anthony earned degrees in Latin American Studies and Business Management from the University of Kansas.  RCJH, Go KU !


Anthony and Emily manage the US side of Apasionado Coffee, and Yehuda oversees the Bolivian side of the operation. Apasionado, the Spanish word for passionate or impassioned, aptly describes how seriously we take our coffee and our commitment to our coffee community of growers.

We are a family of dedicated coffee aficionados who invite you to adopt a tree and become part of our coffee family.

Adopt a tree and share the adventure!