Thanking the Pachamama- Challa 2017

Every year, we go to the Calle de Las Brujas, or "witches street" in La Paz, to buy the necessary materials to bless the farm and make offerings to the Pachamama, or mother earth.

Ttraditionally, prople bless things and make offerings at the same time as Mardi Gras, which is the same as Carnival in Bolivia.  It is a large celebration and blending of native and Catholic cultures going back to the time of the Spanish conquest.

The Pachamama is the earth mother, a highly revered goddess in the Andian culture. The Challa is a ritual where you decorate whatever is to be blessed -- a house, a new property, a new baby -- and then burn a bundle made up of sugar effigies of the various items you need for the coming year. 

Then you offer alcohol and sometimes food, tobacco, or coca to her. Making these offerings to the Pachamama ensures protection, and good fortune.  Or in our case, good harvest for the coming year!

Here's a picture of Darío, who adopted a tree and is also a visiting barista from Buenos Aires participating in the Challa. 

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