Parades in the way? Just another day at the farm

Getting to the farm this week was a bit of a challenge, since the town of Coroico was full of people celebrating the Fiesta of the Virgin, which marks the founding of the town. See an excerpt below from Wikipedia.

"Coroico Viejo (Old Coroico) was founded above the river Quri Wayq'u (Quechua quri gold, wayq'u valley,[2] hispanicized spellings Coriguayco, Kori Huayco). The town lived from mining gold, but the massive attacks by Indians left the first settlers in search of protection.

Looking for a defendable position in the early 18th century, the settlers arrived at the current location of Coroico only to be chased into a cave by one of Mount Uchumachi's powerful lightning storms. The cave still exists below the church on the main plaza of Coroico. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries Coroico survived a couple of Indians attacks - the biggest one was at the time of the Bolivian War of Independence. 5000 Aymaras attacked the town, which in those days only had 500 inhabitants. The town stood strong, forcing the Aymaras into retreat.

Since then, Coroicans celebrate the Fiesta of the Virgin on October 20. Coroico became the capital of the North-Yungas in 1899 making Coroico the political and industrial center of the region, which produces wood products, fruits, and coca for the La Paz region of Bolivia. In 1958, the city was made the seat of the Territorial Prelature of Coroico, and elevated to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Coroico in 1983."

 Here are some more pictures of the town...



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