Help stop deforestation from coca with Apasionado Coffee

As some of you may have read in other sections on our website, deforestation through slash and burn tactics is a real threat to the area of the cloud forest in the Yungas region where our finca is located. Coca saps the soil of essential nutrients, meaning the land on which it is grown is only viable for a few years before another section must be cleared. In addition, coca is grown as a mono-crop, replacing farm and forest areas that have traditionally been polycultural, supporting many different plants and a diverse ecosystem. 

Now, the Bolivian government has passed a law allowing for increased coca production in the region, threatening to destroy most of the forest, almost doubling the acreage that can now be dedicated to coca growing from 12,000 hectares (29,640 acres) to 22,000 (54,340 acres).

This new law is another reason to support Aapasionado Coffee by adopting and planting more trees. The law will accelerate deforestation and land deterioration, as well as increase the food insecurity risks for local people in the Yungas region, where government statistics show that already 80% of the agricultural activity in the area is dedicated to growing coca. This region, which used to be a net exporter of food, now imports all the food that it consumes. Food has become more expensive as a result, and families are struggling to provide healthy food when they once grew most of what they ate.

With every tree you adopt, we plant a second, in an effort to take back land being lost and to share advanced farming techniques with other local farmers to encourage high quality coffee over coca. We promote polycultural farming practices, where our coffee plants grow in among bananas, tangerines, papayas, avocados, tall grasses, flowering trees, and other plants. We don't sell the other edibles that grow on our finca aside from the coffee. The workers can take these home, and the birds and other animals flock to our property in search of edible foods too, since they cannot live on coca either.

So please continue to support what we are doing to protect snails, mushrooms, and sections of forest in the Yungas valley.

It's been a rainier season than most years, so the mushrooms and snails are thriving! And of course, it has meant many amazing rainbow views.

Help us protect these vistas for generations to come by adopting a tree today.

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