Experimenting in 2017

Hello Apasionado Coffee Lovers!

Thank you to all those new adoptees who joined us through holiday gifts at the end of 2016, and thank you to all those previous adoptees who spread the love further this past year by adopting a second, third, or even 8th time for friends and family.


To kick off 2017 we wanted to share with you about our new and upcoming projects... as many of you know, last summer we launched the Cascara Cherry Tea as a new product. Cascara cherries are the outer fruit that surrounds the fruit pit, or coffee bean.

Traditionally, this cascara was often used by locals to make a tea, but in most commercial endeavors it is tossed as waste, or at best, used as compost. In an effort to practice more of a "nose to tail" approach in our production, we were inspired to find more uses for the cascara. We started with the tea, which has gotten very positive reviews from those of you who have tried it, but now we are getting crazy.

Over the past couple of months Yehuda has been experimenting with coffee vinegar. The dark one has cascara added to it.

As far as we know there is no coffee vinegar on the market. It is made from the liquid that accumulates at the bottom of the fermenting vat. After the coffee cherries are picked they are sorted into different quality grades, rinsed, and set in a fermenting vat for between 12-36 hours until they reach the right point and then the beans are separated from the outer fruit (or cascara- which in Spanish means peel or shell).

This video from a while ago shows the coffee beans being separated from the cascara.

The beans go through their normal coffee process, which is rinsing, another sorting and then drying, and the cascara cherries are now set out for drying to make the tea (if you want to read more about the processing, go to the Coffee Science tab).

The liquid in the vat from the cherry fermentation is what is being collected now for the vinegar.This liquid has been fermenting for three months and it tastes good compared with some of the vinegar that we have at home. We'll see how it tastes in three more months... if it's good, you can look forward to coffee vinegar gift options for Christmas next year ;-)


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