Working in Bolivia to fight climate change

As the Paris conferences have come to a close, here is how we are doing what we can at Apasionado Coffee.

As part of our commitment to the environment and the planet, we are working closely with other organizations in Bolivia, such as the Ecolodge in Chalalan, where Rodrigo is now serving Apasionado Coffee to the guests. The guests are finding out about our conservation goals when they try the coffee at the lodge, which is also a member of the Apasionado Community, with a tree in the name of the lodge.


The picture below shows Rodrigo on the small boat that travels up the large rivers in the Amazon Basin taking guests to the Eco Lodge.

On the finca, we are planting more coffee trees to promote a diverse eco-system to protect the birds, animals and flora that live in the cloud forests of Bolivia.

These are going from the nursery into the ground. As I mentioned in the last blog post, we are planting over 2000 new trees this year!



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