Harvest Contest Winner!

Thanks to all those of you who participated in our Harvest Challenge. 

The Contest: How many coffee cherries would you pick today from the branch where the hand is?

Guess the right answer and be entered to win a free bag of coffee! The answer was 15. No one got it exactly, but we had several people who came close and we drew from those.

And the winner is... Raul Aguirre! Of course, he may have had an unfair advantage since he has had the opportunity to go and visit the trees he adopted for family and friends and spend the day getting a coffee lesson from Yuda, our Chief Farming Officer.

Thanks to everyone for playing. We had guesses come in from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email.


And, now to see why it matters so much to pick the right beans. Below is a picture of our first sample of coffee for cupping from the 2015 harvest. See how perfect each bean is? All the same size, same color, with no blemishes. Getting coffee that is this high quality takes a lot of dedication and attention on the part of each person who helps to pick, sort, store, and roast.

Look at those beautiful beans!

If you are looking to order more coffee, please visit us at


Our 2015 harvest will be ready in a couple of months.  It must first be aged, green, in parchment for a bit before we roast and ship to you.

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