Exciting News! Famous TV Host & Author Andreas Viestad Visits the Apasionado Coffee Farm

 Hello everyone

I have some excitiing news to share! 

We have had some distinguished visitors to the farm recently.  Famous TV Host & Author Andreas Viestad and Mette Rendem, a professional photographer, visited on request from a local restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia. They wished to learn more about the producers of exceptional quality food and beverage products in Bolivia.  


The photo above is of Andreas Viestad, TV host & author.  

Mette Rendem, a professional photographer is next to him.

I gave them a tour of our coffee farm, and they cupped our coffee.  I am happy to say that they were very impressed.  They left with coffee samples to share with their friends and colleagues in Norway.

In the United States, Andreas has a show that airs on a Public Television channel (PBS) called Create TV.  The show is called New Scandinavian Cooking.  250 Million Viewers Worldwide! 


 "For eight seasons, Norwegian Andreas Viestad has integrated his remarkable knowledge of Nordic cuisine, culture and history, as well as his passion for eating and living well, into his television series, New Scandinavian Cooking."

The restaurant that he visited in La Paz is called GUSTU.  Relatively new to the dining scene, it is already being recognized as one of the top restaurants in all of Latin America.  Also, I should share that one of the owners of GUSTU, Claus Meyer,  also owns the #1 Restaurant in the world called NOMA in Denmark)
We hope to see Andreas write about his time in Bolivia -- the food, our coffee, the culture and history about where it comes from.
We'll keep you posted.


Cheers from Bolivia


Yehuda Lilo

Founder & CFO (Chief Farmer Officer)

Apasionado Coffee

"From Your Tree to Your Cup"


Chef Andreas has a show in the USA on Create TV, which is part of PBS (Public Television Station)

Find out more about his show on Create TV (PBS) here -- http://bit.ly/11CjT59 



Find out more about Andreas at his website here -- http://www.andreasviestad.com

Andreas Viestad (b. 1973) is a Norwegian food writer, TV host and author, known from his weekly column in the daily newspaper Dagbladet’s supplement Magasinet and his column in American newspaper Washington Post.



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